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"Every Issue is a Heart Issue"

I'm not the one who made this statement. King Solomon did, more than 3000 years ago.

One of the wisest people who ever lived said, "Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow the issues of life" (Proverbs 4:23).

I have two friends who love to study Hebrew "root words." They inform me that this verse says that from the heart flow 100% of the issues of life.

So then, what is "the heart" that we're supposed to guard?

According to Dr. Alex Loyd, author of The Healing Code, and his spiritual mentor, Larry Napier, the heart is the inner person that contains all the unconscious, subconscious, conscious thoughts, images, beliefs, and feelings, plus the will and conscience. It's the whole person, but it's more than what we are conscious of.

In the "heart" are stored all the images and beliefs we have encountered and adopted. And these images and beliefs literally reverberate through the cells of our bodies, influencing how we feel, how we act, our relationships, our success, and even our physical health.

Jesus said it was out of the heart that the mouth speaks. Elsewhere in the Bible, it talks about the need for a a transformation. Transformation is needed not just for the mind, but for the heart.

So healing of the whole person starts with healing the heart. Not the physical heart, but this "heart" that is the center and source of everything in our lives. This heart needs healing, and it needs guarding.

That's what this site, and my Healing Heart Issues blog, are all about: how to heal heart issues. I will explore it from a number of angles, scientific and spiritual. Here on this site, I will also come at it from a distinctly scriptural perspective.

I welcome your feedback at any time!

How Heart Issues are Like Bamboo

When I discovered how bamboo grows, I thought it an apt image both for how heart issues develop AND how they heal.

Knowing how heart issues are like bamboo may help you both understand the healing process and be more  patient with it.

Bamboo's growth starts underground, where the rhizome system that supports the canes are developed. For three whole years, the plant establishes itself underground and there is no apparent growth. Absolutely nothing appears to be happening. For three years!

In the fourth year, shoots appear. The bamboo canes grow in height and diameter for only 60 days every spring. After the 60 days, that particular cane will never grow again.

However, because of the rhizome system, the next spring the shoots that come up will grow much taller and faster in those 60 days. After a bamboo grove has been establishing its rhizome system for 5 years, the canes that grow in that fifth year can reach as much as 90 feet (for certain species, in certain conditions)--all in 60 days!

This picture also applies to how heart issues form, and then manifest eventually in our lives in some health, relationship, and/or success issue.

Like the rhizome system that forms underground, memories and beliefs accumulate in the subconscious mind. If enough unhealthy beliefs based on negative memories and images gather (whether in the unconscious or subconscious mind, or energy patterns in the DNA or cells, nobody knows exactly yet), they will eventually manifest in some kind of problem. It may take years, even decades for the "shoot" of the negativity to manifest, but eventually it does.

That manifestation can "take off" into a major illness. If the theories of Dr. Alex Loyd in The Healing Code and Dr. Bruce Lipton in  The Biology of Belief are true, such illnesses began long before any symptoms or problems showed up.

If symptoms or issues can take a long time to show up, though it may seem to happen "overnight," so too healing may take a while to be experienced.

You may not feel anything happening, but underground much healing may be taking place. The rhizome system of healing needs to be established before the "shoot" of the actual experience of healing becomes apparent.

As you work through prayer and The Healing Codes if you're doing them, much of the inner healing will be "underground" in the "rhizome system" of healed memories and corrected beliefs. You may have thousands or millions of hidden memories that are being healed, that need to be healed, before your physical or emotional manifestation changes.

So take heart, persevere in your healing work, and have faith that underground, the rhizome system is changing from negative support to positive support. The manifestation that you can see and feel will come eventually.

That's why I portray bamboo in my new header. Every time you see any of my sites, I want you to be reminded that healing, and success, manifest like bamboo.

I want you to be reminded to persevere. To have faith. God desires you to be healed--but in the deepest way possible. That may take time.

Let it be God's time.

When Jesus healed someone, he almost always said, "Your faith has made you well." He heals through our faith. It's his power, through our faith. Even he sometimes healed in stages, as when he healed the blind man in Mark 8:21-25. In that healing Jesus didn't just say, "You are healed." He spit on the man's eyes and touched him twice; the first time didn't totally heal the man. (Side note: Jesus himself used various means of healing.)

Hidden growth. Faith. Process. Time. Remember these when you see bamboo.

Are The Healing Codes "Woo-Woo"? 

Some people feel uncomfortable using something like The Healing Codes because they don't understand how this new healing mode works. How on earth can pointing your fingers to specific points on the body have anything to do with healing issues of the heart?

The Healing Code book explains it to some extent. The Healing Codes discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001 is a new healing technology that incorporates "energy medicine" which, as the book points out, has been predicted by the best scientific minds for decades. Almost a century, in fact.

It is a new healing technology as superior to our current technologies of drugs and surgery as a garage door opener is superior to having to open your garage door by hand. And in fact, it works on pretty much the same science: quantum physics.

Do you understand how your garage door opener works? Or, if you have the kind of opener where you punch in a certain code, how that allows the door to open? (Just think of how all this would have seemed to someone living in 1692! If you could time travel to back then and you pulled out a cell phone and started talking on it, what do you think would have happened to you in Salem, Massachusetts?)

I was pondering these analogies today because I accidentally left our garage door opener in a car that is being repaired. I have no clue how pushing a button on a little device can cause my heavy garage door to open up. But the electronic door opener is very convenient, easy, fast and effective, so I use it. I could still open the door by hand, then pull out of the garage in my car, get out of the car to close the garage door, get back into my car and go on my way. I can always choose to do it that way. (After doing it today, though, I know I would never choose to. What an inconvenience!)

There is no moral issue with either choice. I am free to choose either the easier way, which relies on something I don't understand, or the "old-fashioned" mechanical way, which I understand a bit more. Either way, I get the same result: the garage door opens and closes. (Though with ours, there are actually issues with the manual way, it sometimes doesn't engage correctly, for some reason, so it all works much better electronically. Analogous perhaps to the way some people are supersensitive to medications that don't work the way they're "supposed to.")

So the choice is yours. If you have a physical issue, you can certainly stick with the Western medicine approach of drugs, surgery, or some combination thereof. I certainly would not advise NOT doing those things. If you have an emotional issue, you can still go to a counselor or therapist and work on coping strategies.

I believe, however, along with many others who have tried The Healing Codes, that this is a new healing technology that gets at the source of an issue, not just treats the symptoms.  It costs nothing (aside from the book that teaches you the how, what and why of it all).

You can learn it quickly and use it forever for yourself or your loved ones.

And the beauty is, you can try it and prove to yourself whether it works. It's a self-validating tool. You can test it out, and unlike other things you can try, there are no known side effects. The worst that could happen is you've wasted a bit of money and time, and nothing changes for you. (Though in my experience and the many testimonies Dr. Loyd received, healing can happen and you don't feel it. Other people may notice a difference, or the doctor comes back with test results that prove healing has taken place.)

It's your choice. Garage door device or manually open and close. Remote control for the television or get up and push the buttons on the TV itself. Email or snail mail. Print photos on paper and mail them or send them via cell phone or computer. The source or the symptoms. Energy or chemicals.

Einstein or Newton.....

If you're curious about the philosophy behind The Healing Codes, here are several resources to check out. 

 Getting Free: Who/What is Your "Pharaoh"?

C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, wrote that "good literature reads you." It's like a mirror you can look into to see more truly who you are.

Perhaps that's why one particular ancient book has remained on the bestseller list since such lists have been compiled.

I'm referring to my favorite piece of literature, the Bible. To me it's not a rule book. More than just a great collection of ancient stories about people who lived long ago, this book is living as it reflects my life back to me. It shows me realities that only true Light can reveal. I believe it is the very Word of God.Key to this is the concept that the stories and principles contain a pattern of Reality that repeats itself. (I'll explain this more in another post.)

Thus, the story of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt from Exodus is really Everyone's Story.Unknown Object

The background is that Hebrew patriarch Jacob had 12 sons, and the youngest, Joseph, was sold into slavery by his brothers. He rose to power in Egypt and saved the whole land from famine. The famine stretched to Canaan, where Jacob's family was, so they came to Egypt to get food. Joseph and his family were reconciled, and Jacob's family lived grew in number and flourished in Egypt.

For a time.

Then, "a new king came to the throne of Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done." This Pharaoh perceived the Israelites as a threat and made them slaves. He  "put brutal slave drivers over them, hoping to wear them down under heavy burdens."

Here's where their story becomes ours. We all have a "Pharaoh" in our lives--the thing that enslaves us, drives us, demands we "make bricks without straw."

This "Pharaoh" is comprised of our unhealed heart issues.

Our own sin also oppresses us, and that needs to be confessed as such. But here I'm talking about "Pharaoh." There is a suffering that comes to us because this world is a bent, broken place. The Israelites in this story were not oppressed because of their own sin, but because an evil king who had power over them oppressed them.

Our heart issues--the negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and cellular memories passed down to us--are not necessarily sins to be confessed, but "heart issues" that needs healing. They are the effects of other people's sin.

How did God respond to the suffering of his people?

First, he felt something. "He looked down on the Israelites and felt deep concern for their welfare" (Exodus 2:25). God really cares about your oppression. He feels deep concern, great compassion.

Then, he acted. He called Moses to deliver his people. "The LORD told Moses, 'You can be sure I have seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries for deliverance from their harsh slave masters. Yes, I am aware of their suffering. So I have come to rescue them from the Egyptians and lead them out of Egypt into their own good and spacious land.... The cries of the people of Israel have reached me, and I have seen how the Egyptians have oppressed them with heavy tasks. Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You will lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.'" (Exodus 3:7-10)

The deliverance was spectacular, culminating in God parting the Red Sea and "making a way where there was no way."

And so he does now, for all who will accept the healing he offers. We have to come to the true Healer, of course. All else is "Pharaoh."

By the way, "Pharaoh" can be religion. In fact, it often is. Whenever religion becomes, not a response to the gracious work of the true God, but "try harder to keep the rules," it becomes a Pharaoh.

Never forget: God has compassion on you in your oppressed state. He wants to deliver you. Jesus, Son of God himself, came from heaven as the final deliverer who took on all sin and all oppression when he endured a brutal crucifixion on the cross. He took everything "Pharaoh" had to give him. "By his stripes we are healed" it says in the prophet Isaiah. It didn't stop there, though. He rose from the dead, thus conquering the final "Pharaoh"--death itself.

He made a way where there was no way. He leads to the Promised Land. It is a state of living always in the light, always receiving the light and love shared by a God who himself is a fellowship of three Persons--Father, Son, and Spirit in dynamic relationship with each other. Jesus made the way for us to be drawn up into that fellowship, into the very heart of the Father.

Whatever your Pharaoh is, God wants to free you from its oppression. Let him do it. His concern for you is boundless.

If you would like help with your "Pharaoh" issues using a custom Healing Code, I would be privileged to help you with that. Visit www.healingcodescoaching.com for details.


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